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Ebony Heritage Travel

MEREDITH McCLEARY has been an Independent Affiliate of Post Haste Travel and Ebony Heritage Travel for over 20 years. Meredith has extensive knowledge in planning tours and cruises for independent and group travelers, and years of personal world travel experience. Ebony Heritage Travel, and Meredith McCleary specialize in planning unique travel experiences.

2018 small group tours (4-6 people)
Kenya: The Migration – September 2018
South Africa "African Explorer" – August 2018
West Africa Explored: Ghana, Senegal and The Gambia
West Africa: Ghana, Togo and Benin


APARTHEID - Travel to South African cities and visit the historical sites from apartheid, the student revolt, and the Mandela era, to the present.

ROOTS/ RITES OF PASSAGE - Travel to various countries throughout Africa, of historical significance to the African Diaspora and the diverse heritage contributing to Black Culture and ancestral traditions.

INTELLECTUAL GROWTH - Travel of cultural significance for those wishing to develop better understanding and appreciation of the Black Experience.

FUNDRAISERS - Travel arranged by a sponsor primarily for raising funds for a specific purpose, while having fun. Organizations must meet Cruise lines guidelines as a nonprofit organization.

HERITAGE TOURS - Tours exploring or providing enlightenment and knowledge of the history and culture of a specific people, place or events of historical significance.

PILGRIMAGES - Tours designed to journey to places of spiritual significance for enlightenment, Missionary work or other religious purposes.

STUDY TOURS - Tours designed for selected educational study, exploration or research. These tours may include a combination of study, volunteerism and leisure time activities. Africa, South America and the Caribbean provide excellent opportunities for this type of trip.

THEMED TOURS - Travel designed for the specific purpose of bringing individuals with a common interest together to share the experience. University or Religious Groups to name a few.

GROUP TOURS and CRUISES - Travel experiences designed for small to large groups with common interests, in a destination or event. Groups may be Get Aways, Reunions, fun-fundraisers and Ministries. Business, professional, spiritual, financial, educational or cultural are also welcomed. Most tours are a minimum of 7 days. Special event tours may be shorter (3 or more days).


WEST AFRICA - Travel tours are for or about the cultural, history, heritage and artistic exploration of African descendants. Emphasis is on the tribes, customs, art, fashion and ceremonies of local communities. Most frequented destinations include Ghana, Senegal & Gambia, Benin, Gambia, Mali, and Togo. Emerging destinations are on the horizon!

EAST AFRICA - Travel designed for those interested in experiencing Safari- viewing of beauty wildlife, Culture - tribes and customs, and UNESCO World Heritage sites. The primary countries are Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Artists, archeologists, photographers and authors have made visiting world heritage sites, natural wonders and literary sites one of the major reasons for visiting.

SOUTH AND SOUTHERN AFRICA - Travel to these countries is designed primarily for interest in the historical and political influences of Nelson Mandela and the Apartheid era. Known for its unbelievable beauty and diversity of flora and fauna, the diversity of the people, the world heritage sites and natural wonders, as well as the cultures of the various regions and finally, for "SAFARI" the wildlife and game viewing experiences. Music, sports and fashion events are on the rise as South Africa draws global events, celebrated musicians, artists, designers, and athletes,

INDIA - Travel to this diverse continent is designed to highlight the Golden Triangle. Cultural and historical sights, festivals, selected Central India National Parks for Tiger Safari and the Spiritual and Cultural city of Varanasi.

AUSTRALIA - Travel to this country will highlight the Aboriginal culture throughout the continent. It also covers the major historical and heritage points of interests, from Sydney, to Tiwi Islands, and over to the Great Barrier Reef.

SOUTH AMERICA - Several major cultural events, festivals, and celebrations are held through the Caribbean and South America

  • Brazil with the Morte Boa Festival, and not to be missed, a cultural tour to Salvador Bahia
  • Carnival - to Barbados with numerous Festivals
  • Columbia - Pacifico Festivities
  • The Caribbean - Junkanoo and much, much more!

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